I needed to be able to add songs from my Spotify playlist to my Google Play Music playlist but since there were hundreds of songs, I didn’t want to do this by hand so I wrote a Python library to help out!

With pydpyp, you can get a list of your playlist names, which songs are in any given playlist, delete duplicate songs, and transfer songs from your Spotify playlist to your Google Play Music playlist.

This is what some example usage would look like:

# Spotify
spotify = pydpyp.Spotify(spotify_token, spotify_username)

# Google Play Music
gm = pydpyp.GooglePlayMusic(gmail_address, gmail_password, spotify_token, spotify_username)
gm.spotify2google_playlist('spotify_playlist_name', 'google_playlist_name')

More functionality can definitely be added so feel free to fork the repository.