Bobby W. Lindsey
Math the language of the universe

Markov models are remarkably suited to mimicking the structure of a phenomenon and as a result, I thought it would be interesting to explore that application in the context of textual analysis. This post describes the experiment of taking a few books penned by Mark Twain with the goal of building a Markov model that probabilistically generates text that shares Twain’s writing style and syntactical structure.

Millions of Americans play the lotto each year as an innocent way to gamble their savings on winning some money and if they lose, help to fund government programs like schools. Some studies coupled with an excellent report by John Oliver show that States actually anticipate lottery earnings and instead of adding that extra money on top of the base budget for programs like schools, they just replace the base budget with lotto money and route the rest of the budget towards other Stately concerns. But this post is not about public policy but about gambling because, after all, the lotto is definitely a game of chance.